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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my item packaged?

Each item is packaged in a generic prepaid envelope. The contents are always vacuum sealed to ensure maximum discretion.

How long will it take to get my package?

Time will vary depending on your location in Canada. Our goal is to have your package delivered in 3-5 business days (Some rural communities may take longer at times)

Do you ship internationally?

No, our services are strictly for Canadian Residents.

Who do we ship to?

We only ship to Canadian Residents over the age of 19. * Under no circumstances will we ship to minors*

Do you guarantee arrival of my delivery?

We realize sometimes typo’s happen or patients decide to change the delivery address last minute.
PLEASE make a conscious effort to have the address correct when ordering- Double/triple check!
Our packages are one way deliveries that are non-refundable

Can I pick my order up instead of paying shipping?

Unfortunately no. We accept the approved payments as listed on the homepage/checkout

Can I order larger quantities then listed on the website?

No, we will not ship quantities that are not listed on the website. If you find a product you like, the best way would be to place multiple orders

Do i have to use my real name when ordering?

If you decide you want to use a fake name when ordering, here’s a few things to remember.

  • Try to order a quantity that you know will fit in your mailbox, if it is to large you will have to go to the post office to pick it up.
  • If your order is sent to the post office, you will receive a ticket with a date and time you can pick it up after.
  • *PLEASE REMEMBER, CANADA POST REQUIRES ID FOR PACKAGE PICKUP* If you place your order under a fake name and cannot produce valid ID, you won’t receive your package